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Quit 4 Life Programs

Quit Smoking Program

Sick of smell,cost , and the feeling of not being able to breath….take back control and start living your life , its not hard….lets keep it simple, taking the fear out of quitting and putting back the control in your hands. Nicotine is out of you body within 5 days.

Quit Alcohol Program

It starts with one and before you know it, too many. Are you stressed, unhappy, lost. Is that drink the only time you get to have time out? BUT you really would like to escape the cycle.

Quit Weight Loss or Gain

Have you tried and tried all the diets, exercise, teas tablets and still not way forward. Maybe it’s time for you to take a simple and effective approach. Start the permanent change of lifestyle.

Quit Gambling

When nothing seems to be going right and you just need that time out, or that next win that is just around the corner. Easy  to justify at the time , but the reality is always the same, Loss loss and more loss, lets turn it around.


Accessing Changes

Accessing changes from the power of your subconscious , but with your unique language

Breaking Habits

Replacing old for new

Taking the automatic out of your life and rewiring so you can achieve the changes you desire

Mind Tools

Keep your tools handy

The mind a complete yet simple machine/computer, learn the tools to service your mind


Knowing you are not alone

Keeping you on track to achieve the changes you desire, keeping you focused on the changes


Save as you Change

Options t to assist you in acquiring the changes , have value in yourself


What is the guarantee

Guarantee is simple , a s programs to assist you in the changes to mind and body, all you need to do is to follow and have the TRUE

About The Creator Kathryn Gene

Not only a renown Clinical Hypnotherapist , a Life Coach, NLP practitioner and Radio Presenter . Kathryn Gene takes all the training and life experiences to put together this winning combination of mind tools to create the changes in life YOU want. 

Kathryn Gene

What people are Saying

Professional, yet with empathy, truly understands, Kathryn is easy to talk too and has helped me greatly to make the changes I needed to get on with my life.


Did the quit4life smoking program with Kathryn , have not smoked or wanted one in 6 moths highly recommend , her follow up as outstanding

I was a smoker of more than 30 years, smoking between 20/40 cigarettes a day. I had tried several times to quit smoking over the last 10 years using tablets from the doctor, spray, gum, patches and all things available from the chemist. Thanks to Kathryn I have so far been a non smoker for the last 6 weeks, I’ve had no withdrawal cravings, I feel good, smell good and plan to stay that way. Thanks again Kathryn.

My husband, my mum and myself went to a quit smoking session it was amazing and 100% successful we are currently 6weeks and one day non smokers.
Thank you for improving our lives your amazing, highly recommend

I have no hesitation recommending Kathryn, she was professional, caring and got the results we needed but were never going to achieve on our own. Thanks Kathryn

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